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How much do you want to ‘Like” Me? I have 11 Facebook pages. Not only do I have a personal page and one for me as an author, I also have one for every one of my books as well as one for my Beautycounter business. Some posts are duplicated but most are targeted to specific groups.

Please “Like” as many as you find of interest. And comment and post! It’s very lonely to post alone. I need your feedback to know if I’m on track with my thoughts and words.

Here is a list of my Facebook pages and the content you’ll find there:

  • Mary K Doyle – My writing and work as an author/speaker
  • Navigating Alzheimer’s – Credible information on dementia and caregiving
  • Hans Christian Andersen Illuminated by The Message – Faith and fairytales, especially those by Andersen
  • Grieving with Mary – Grieving and Marian devotion
  • Young in the Spirit – Aging faithfully
  • Saint Theodora and Her Promise to God – Saint Theodora and children
  • Seven Principles of Sainthood – Saint Mother Theodore Guerin, also known as Saint Theodora
  • The Rosary Prayer by Prayer – The rosary and Marian devotion
  • Mentoring Heroes – Mentoring
  • Beautycounter By Mary Doyle Brodien – Beauty products, beauty tips, health
  • Mary Doyle Brodien – My personal page for close friends and family

©2016, Mary K. Doyle

Midwest Mary’s First 100 Posts Monday, Feb 11 2013 

The 100th day of school is a milestone celebrated in primary grades. Children bring 100 small items such as paper clips, bows, small candies, pennies, marbles, or stickers to visualize the amount of time they have been in school.

This is my 100th post of Midwest Mary. I’ve covered a wide range of topics including personal perspectives, how-to/DIY, recipes, writing tips, events, and product reviews. According to Word Press’ statistics the most popular posts vary greatly in topic, so it looks like you are up for most anything. Your comments and likes are my guide in determining future posts. Please speak up if you have a preference or dislike for particular posts.

To illustrate what Midwest Mary’s first 100 posts amount to, I’ve listed the titles below in chronological order. Click on a few you may have missed or want to reread. You also can search by category on the left side of this blog.

Thank you for reading my blog.

Summer in the Spring,

What’s Your Vote,

Writing Clinic: Complaint Letter,

Zip It,

Help Wanted,

Sharks or Dolphins,

Hard Boiled,

Writing Clinic: Thank You Notes,

Homemade Italian Bread with Herbs,

Happy, Hopeful Easter,

What a Pain,

Separately Together,

Wind in Your Sails,

Free Box,

Writing Clinic: Me and I,

Elephant Ears and Other Foods with Crazy Names,

Sausage and Potato One Pot Dinner,

How’s the Weather,


Pin Your Interests on Pinterest,

Great Buy in South Elgin,

Mexican Oregano,

What I Meant to Say Was . . .,

Garlic Twist,

Bless All Mothers,

Speak Up for Justice,

Writing Clinic: There, Their, They’re,

Up in the UP,

Recipe Art,

One with the Board,

Adorable Alpacas,

Birthday Wisdom,

Women’s Colleges,

Where is Everyone?,

The Graceful Fox,

What’s Do-Dee-Do-Dee-Doing at Chicago Museums,

Tech Support on Speed Dial,

Leadership Potential,

Our Favorite House Guest,

Crazy for Coconut,

Self-Talk and Evaluation,

Japanese Gardens,

Kitchen Rain,

Hot Topics,

A Still, Quiet Moment,

Best Fudge Sauce,

Right to Copyright,

An Eye for Art,

Spicy Pest Control,

Self-Proclaimed Gold Medal Toilet Bowl Cleaner,

Now You See it. Now You Don’t,

Quick Fix,


Baby Names,

Produce at Its Peak,

Folk Music and Storytelling Festival,

Business-Customers=0 Business,

Smoked Paprika,

New Look for Midwest Mary,

Freedom at a Price,

Totally Awesome Grout Cleaner,

Our Parent’s Children,

You’re Your Own Person,

Midwest Music,

Family Recipes,

Raising Our Own Bar,

It’s Only a Number,

United We Stand,

Magnetic Therapy,

Going Digital,

What Say Ye?,

Passionately Creative,

After Sandy,

Fig Balsamic,

It’s a Stretch,

Thank You for Serving,

Looking Good,

Happy Thanksgiving,

Deck the Halls,

Candle Safety,

Don’t Worry. Be Happy,

No Time Like the Present,

The Christmas Letter,

Pat Doyle’s Pizzelles,

Kindness Needed,

One Lovely Blog,

Peace On Earth Goodwill Toward All,

The Three Rs,

Comfortable in the Background,

Leftover to Luscious,

Blog of the Year 2012 Award,

One Extra Step,

Stop and Think,

Inauguration and Presidential Trivia,

Medicine Cabinet,

Making a Roux,

Writing Clinic: Everyday and Every Day,

What Color is Your Snow?,

Get Some Sleep,

Midwest Mary’s First 100 Posts

©2013 Mary K. Doyle

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