Dad’s Words of Wisdom Sunday, Jun 19 2016 


My dad and I were close. He was easy to talk with, a good listener, avid reader, and my mentor. He taught me how to think for myself, make solid decisions, and stand strong in adversity. He was a powerfully faithful man and inspired me to pray meaningfully.

What I’m left with in his absence are his words of wisdom. Here are some of the sayings Dad repeated that still ring in my memory:

  • On health based on his work in the Navy medical corp: “When unhealthy, check the mouth.”
  • On faith: “Pray in the good times as well as bad.”
  • On understanding a foolish person: “When they said brains, he thought they said trains and asked for a big empty one.”
  • On the benefits of trade school: “Many-a-good bricklayer’s been ruined with a college education.”
  • On conserving energy: “Close the door! I’m not heating all of Oak Park!”
  • On being happy: “Tell yourself you’re happy, and you will be.”
  • On learning discipline and loyalty: “Everyone should serve a tour in the military.”
  • On medical intervention for his brain tumor: “No thank you. I’m not letting anyone make a zucchini out of me.”
  • On patience: “Someday that stone will come out of your shoe nice and easy.”
  • On wealth: “My brother has more money, but I am rich in the love of family.”

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Birthday Wisdom Wednesday, May 30 2012 

My friend, Terry Evanswood, once said that we know we’re old when we see each other and announce, “You look great!” like it’s a surprise to still look good at this age. I certainly see the years on my face. The wrinkles around my eyes are like tree rings – at least one for every year.

My birthday is this week, and since I am getting older by the minute, I’d like to think I’m a bit wiser too, so here’s my birthday wisdom:

  • If someone says, “Trust me. I know what I’m talking about,” they probably don’t.
  • The last bite of chocolate cake tastes best at the kitchen sink when everyone thinks you’re washing dishes.
  • No matter how bad things get, something good is simultaneously happening.
  • Television Commercials are loud so you can hear them on bathroom breaks.
  • Life can suddenly change course in seconds.
  • The longer you live the more you understand the waste of time in sweating the small stuff.
  • We’re all a bit quirky.
  • When you’re tired or stressed, give yourself a time out before you do or say something you will regret.
  • Everything really does look better after a good night sleep.
  • Relationships are fragile. One major hurt can damage a long-time connection forever.
  • There’s no need in worrying about what to do. Answers clearly reveal themselves with prayer and patience.
  • The delightful child you remember before their high school years will return after graduation.
  • Put your faith in God only. All other people, places, and things are flawed and will fail you at some point.
  • You only want to iron when the power is out.
  • Relationships are like dances. There are lots of styles. It’s your choice to waltz, swing, or tango with your partner.
  • Speed limits posted on highways are for suggestion only. No one really drives that speed.
  • Proving you are right in a discussion is pointless. If someone thinks the grass is purple, they aren’t going to listen to your reasoning.
  • Most of what seems so terribly important at the moment will be of no consequence in a year or two.
  • The world is full of people who need your love.
  • Smiles really are contagious.
  • Life is a gift. Enjoy the present.

©Mary K. Doyle

(Photo by Steven Lukasiewicz.)

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