What Our Bodies Say Wednesday, Sep 2 2015 

Ridges in fingernails, stocky legs, and our sense of smell. Our bodies offer seemingly odd signs to possible present or future health conditions. All we have to do is pay attention, check it out with our doctor, and do what we can to maintain good health.

At the end of May, I had a medical event that sent me to the emergency room. I have no memory of the paramedics, the ride in an ambulance, or much of the time in the ER. The cause is still unclear. A vascular condition found through subsequent doctor visits and testing may or may not have anything to do with it. I temporarily lost some hearing in my left ear, which has since returned to normal, but one odd result continues to remind me of that evening. I have a deep ridge in my right thumb nail which I’ve watched move up the nail as the months have passed.


According to some studies, deep horizontal depressions across the nail bed, that are not due to injury, are called Beau’s lines. They may be a sign of uncontrolled diabetes, circulatory diseases, or any illness associated with a high fever.

Here are a few other curious signs that may signal a current or future health condition:

  • Stocky legs between 20 and 29 inches in women tended to have higher levels of enzymes that may result in liver disease.
  • Older adults who cannot identify the scent of bananas, lemons, or cinnamon are five times more likely to develop Parkinson’s disease within 4 years.
  • Linear wrinkles in one or both ear lobes may predict future cardiovascular events. A crease on one lobe raises the risk by 33 %, and if creases are found on both lobes, the risk is as high as 77%.
  • Women who wore a size D bra or larger at age 20 were 1.5 times more likely to develop type 2 diabetes.
  • Weak, brittle, or splitting fingernails, that are not harmed by a manicure, acrylic nails, or gel wraps, may be due to advancing age or a deficiency in Vitamins A, C, or biotin.
  • Dark, vertical lines on finger nails are common in dark-skinned people but also can be due to benign moles in the nail bed. However, a single new or changing band can be a malignant melanoma.
  • Bulging eye balls are a common sign of Grave’s disease (overactive thyroid).
  • A grey ring around the cornea, which is called arcus senililis, often occurs with high cholesterol and triglycerides.
  • And always be aware of a mole or marking anywhere on your skin that changes in shape or color.

(Most of the information for this post was taken from prevention.com)

©2015, Mary K. Doyle


Little Eyewear Friday, Jul 11 2014 



Cool toddlers in shades are not just fashion statements. They are eye-essential.

Vision care experts urge awareness of the dangers of overexposure to the sun’s ultraviolet rays on little eyes. They say that prevention is imperative because damage is accumulative and  irreversible.

According to an article in the Wall Street Journal. (July 8, 2014), children’s eyes cannot filter UV light as effectively as adults, which make them especially vulnerable to the sun’s damaging rays. Lighter colored eyes are even more susceptible.

It’s particularly important to protect young eyes near the water, sand, and snow. These substances reflect the UV light making their effect more intense. A severe sunburn to the eyes can result in temporary vision loss, increased risk for cataracts later in life, macular degeneration, or even cancer.

The recommendation is for children to wear sunglasses that block close to 100% of the entire UV spectrum all year-round.

©2014, Mary K. Doyle

(Photo: Daniel, date unknown)

It’s in the Eyes Friday, Jun 27 2014 

Anyone who wears mascara is on the hunt for the perfect brand. We search for the one that makes our lashes look fuller and longer without flaking or irritating our eyes or surrounding skin.

Few have been successful in their search, but I think I found that one for you. Moostruck 3D Fiber Lashes by Younique is dramatically different from anything else I’ve tried before. While wearing it several people commented on how good I looked. They didn’t realize it was the mascara until I asked them about it, but they did notice something was different.

The Younique website says their mascara produces a 300% increase in thickness and volume. They suggest applying a thin coat of regular mascara (without lengthening) and then their gel and fibers. I prefer not using my other mascara along with it. My lashes are blond and yet look fabulous with only Moodstruck. It is less expensive this way and also doesn’t flake as it does with my own mascara added to it.

My daughter, Lisa, got me hooked on Moodstruck, and once you try it, I’m sure you will be too.  You can order it on Lisa’s link.

Moodstruck 3D Fiber Lashes is hypoallergenic, never tested on animals, has no fillers, and is paraben free. It is available for $29 plus shipping and tax.

©2014, Mary K. Doyle

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