A Still, Quiet Moment Monday, Jul 23 2012 

The oppressive heat and recent massacre in Colorado leaves many of us anxious, agitated, and fearful. With one hateful swoop, 12 people were killed and 58 injured. Had James Holmes’ weapon not jammed, dozens more lives could have been lost. And the media reminds us of this continuously.

There’s a saying that it takes one hundred acts of love to counter one hurtful word, look, or action. After such a horrific act of violence, that means we all need to make a conscious effort to think and act lovingly all day, every day.

I find I require quiet time each day to maintain a cool and happy temperament. I do this by beginning my day in prayer. And if I feel stressed later in the day, I steal another moment in a quiet place to breathe slowly and deeply.

No matter how much you think you must do, if you are not healthy mentally and physically you can accomplish little. We can’t be in the midst of activity and noise every waking hour and not feel stressed. A still, silent moment every day is good medicine for the body, mind, and spirit.

Find a peaceful spot in your home, garden, a park, library, or church. Concentrate on your breathing, taking slow, deep breaths. Talk to God, think of someone or something that makes you happy, or repeat a mantra. Or clear your mind of everything.

You will find that meditating like this will leave you refreshed, much like a mini nap. You will feel calmer and happier, and that nature will ripple across those around you.


©Mary K. Doyle

Sharks or Dolphins Wednesday, Mar 28 2012 

Several years ago, my husband, son, and I were on a boat on the Atlantic Ocean. We were enjoying the day until suddenly we were surrounded by sharks. As we brainstormed our options, our fears mounted.

Then we recognized that the sharks actually were dolphins. Our concerns quickly changed to joy.

Reflecting back I realize the only things that changed were our perceptions and emotions. The “sharks” hadn’t hurt us in any way. Nor were we ever in danger.

Most of the sharks in our lives do indeed turn out to be dolphins. We waste a lot of time worrying about terrible things that might happen, yet never do.

I now am making a conscious effort to remain in the moment and worry less about the unknowns that I cannot control. There is no value in imagining sharks surrounding me. Life is so much easier this way and a lot less taxing on my health.

©Mary K. Doyle

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