Libman Mop Review Tuesday, Jan 28 2014 


Odd as it may seem, one of the things that I’m excited about lately is my new mop. It’s exactly what I’ve been looking for. My floors are sparkling clean right now because I’ve been in a mopping frenzy.

Most of the main floor of my house is hardwood, and I want those floors clean, especially for my grandsons who sweep across them on hands and knees. I prefer not to clean them on my hands and knees but most mops leave them too wet, which is not good for hardwood.

The new Libman mop is the perfect solution. It has an attached bottle that I fill with vinegar and water and allows me to spray when and where I desire. The flat swivel mop is small enough to get into narrow spots but large enough to cover enough floor space. Best of all, the pad is washable. No need to spend money on disposable ones. Just remove the pad that adheres on the mop head like velcro, toss it in the laundry, and replace it.

If this mop is something you’d like, shop around for the best price. I paid $20 for mine at Meyers but see that it is more than twice that much on Amazon.

©2014, Mary K. Doyle

There’s Always Laundry Friday, Nov 15 2013 

Someone once said that she wanted laundry to count. When asked what she did that day, she said she should be able to add laundry to the list.

Many of us wash, dry, fold, and put away a load or two of laundry every day. It’s something that’s added to the countless other activities we run around doing. But it isn’t the type of thing we tell others. When asked about our day, we don’t respond, “Great. I threw in a load of laundry.” Unless we spent the day in the laundry room, we don’t consider it mentionable.

The necessary, mundane, routine activities consume most of our time and are vital to getting from one day to the next, and yet, don’t seem to count. It is as if our whole day, our whole life is insignificant. So how do we make it all meaningful?

In addition to our outside work, ministries, and activities, there is an endless list of tasks that keep a household running: caregiving, laundry, cooking, cleaning, house maintenance, grocery shopping, business calls, and so many errands. If we have children there is an extensive list involved with them as well.

Perhaps acknowledging the importance of our work begins with a title. Years ago women came up with “Domestic Goddess” to replace housewife and homemaker. It’s not a bad name but does not recognize the men who fill this position. An appropriate title that recognizes both men and women and all of the responsibilities involved is needed.

Family CEO or President are starters but the position is bigger than that because, not only are we overseeing all of the work, we also must complete most it ourselves. We are more than President, more than CEO.

A new friend recently told me she is considered essential to her company. So perhaps that is our title. Essential. If we are completing all of these vital responsibilities, we are – Essential.

As the saying from Saturday Night Live once went, “Now aren’t we special!”

©2013, Mary K. Doyle

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